woman in white dress with our bamboo mailbox bag over her one shoulder arms folded

Bamboo Handbags, where would we be without them?

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A look at handbags


 Love them or hate them we can’t do without them. From the most casual handbags to the most sophisticated, fun bags or practical bags, we all have one or too many!

How many of us ladies attempt to squeeze our entire life into our handbag and yet expect it to be equally practical, functional and sophisticated all at the same time? Well, the good news is that there are some fab bags out there that are both practical and trendy but  the bad news is, we may still have to downsize a little ladies!

Woman clutching our bamboo mail bag. white background woman wearing a white dress
Bamboo Mailbox clutch bag

We’ve had a peek at what accessories will be trending for next season and the women’s handbags are looking good, ladies! Top designers are featuring everything from straw totes to ball-shaped bags, belt bags, faux fur cross body bags, crochet totes and backpacks. Chains, animal prints and cubic top handle bags are some of the more quirkier ladies handbags that you will be seeing a lot of this coming season, not to mention the textured whites, just so fluffy! And for those who can’t make up their minds on which colour, the two toned bags are a great choice for the more indecisive amongst you. Just so much to choose from. What will be your choice for next season’s ladies handbag? From cheap handbags to expensive designer handbags there is something to cater for all tastes and bank balances.

Bamboo Bags hit the catwalk in 2020


One of the most exciting trends though over the last year and still featured high up there for 2019 are the equally fashionable yet versatile bamboo handbags. Spotted on celebs and influencers alike, bamboo handbags aren’t going away any time soon and the good news is bamboo handbags are not just a summer trend.

Whilst looking fab combined with your summer wardrobe and boho chic, these ladies bamboo handbags also fit perfectly with your winter wardrobe and will look great with a black winter coat.

Whatever your preference, the bamboo handbag is extremely versatile and caters to all styles and price ranges, lightweight and stylish, combining sophistication with practical and functional the bamboo bag has it all and are still a must have for 2019!

woman in white dress with our bamboo mailbox bag over her one shoulder arms folded
Bamboo mailbox bag

So whether you’re a lover of tote bags, clutch bag, cross body bag, mail box, Luna shoulder bag or designer bags, the bamboo handbag comes in many different types and you will certainly find one that fits your individual style.

Here are a few we particularly love:

The Luna Bamboo Shoulder Bag 

This beautifully crafted shoulder bag features a fully beaded shoulder strap, a chic choice for day or night.

Bamboo Luna handbag white back ground
Bamboo Luna full moon handbag 
  Bamboo Tote Bag 

Again combining functionality with chic, this bag has it all! This wonderful eye-catching design is spacious yet compact, a definite must have.

Bamboo tote handbag just the handbag with white background.
Bamboo Tote handbag
 Full Hoop Half Moon Bamboo Bag:

Cute, chic and trendy in one

Full Hoop Half Moon Bamboo Bag on white background
Full Hoop Half Moon Bamboo Bag
Mail Box Bamboo Bag 

This clutch bag is particularly striking, combining chic with practicality and looks fab with everything.


Bamboo Mailbox handbag
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Half Luna Bamboo Bag

 This beautifully crafted shoulder bag features a beaded Grab handle, a chic choice for day or night.

half Luna bamboo handbag on a white background
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