Plus Size & Curvy Woman from a man's perspective

A man's perspective on plus-size & curvy ?

We are all individuals and we should celebrate our individuality. Despite the misconception that men only desire the women in crop-tops and hot pants. Men like a woman with curves. Confidence is a big part of it. If you feel confident in what you wear then that is a great start. curvy is sexy, big is beautiful, lets look at a few body types and my thoughts on the styles they wear. 


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What are the best plus-size jeans for all curvy-body shapes ?



There are many styles available in plus-sizes but not all plus-size shapes are the same.Lets look at a few body shapes from Apple to Spoon and see how jeans should be worn. Have you ever purchased jeans only to find they fit but the wrong bits stick out in the wrong places ? Well read on and we may find your new look.
What plus size jeans to wear in 2019

What are the best plus-size jeans for the apple-shape body ?



The apple shape body is described as the bust being bigger than the waist.The Shoulders tend to be big with slim arms and legs. When weight is put on it will hit the top section first.This shape can look gorgeous in the right combinations.Wear soft, textured fabrics, tops that fall over the hip bone look best. Tops with cuff sleeves & well-fitting chest, V-necks, scoop tops, or ruched t-shirts will give more definition to your mid-section.High-waisted boot cut jeans will pull in the midsection and take the emphasis onto you lovely legs. Boho-Chic rope lace up sandals will finish off the look.Low heels if you can take them or a nice pair of wedge-sandals can work just as well.
apple shape body, Model in jeans

What are the best plus-size jeans for the pear-shape body ?



The hips are large with the chest being small often referred to as the triangle shape.This is a well defined shape and shows off the curves. With those curvy hips and sexy rear, lets look at a few ideas to show them off.
The Scoop-neck or boat-neck style top will help to extenuate the shoulders & balance out the smaller chest. A push up bra can also help to balance things out.Gorgeous bracelets and accessories will add the bling and highlight you're appearance. High-waisted stretch jeans balance out the shape while leaving the attention on the accessories and top.Finish of the look with a pair of low-heel sandals and you ready to go. You're not a pear-shape body ? lets check out the next shape.
curvy model wearing a black Scoop-neck top with no background

What are the best plus-size jeans for the diamond-shape body ?




The diamond-shape body is described as hips being broad and a narrow bust but in alignment with the shoulders. You're mid-section will be fuller like the oval shaped body. You weight will gain around the stomach and your waist isn’t well-defined. Carrying a little more weight in the upper legs with arms that are slender and well shaped. The lower legs are your best asset and they happen to be your body’s most beautiful feature.Jeans for this type shape must balance with the bust.
   Cuff-sleeve tops that flow down around the buttocks will help to cover the excess around the belly. fluttered-sleeves can also work with dark straight-cut jeans or trousers,why not try  off-shoulder or strapless tops they will draw attention to the chest away from the waistline. Boot-cut and straight cut jeans work well with a shapely cut shouldered jacket. finish off with some medium high-heels or wedge-sandals.
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What are the best plus-size jeans for the Oval/Round shape body ?
The oval shape body has a larger bust than the other sections of the body. With narrow hips and a fuller mid-section the oval-shape tends to gather weight around the stomach first.
  The waistline is not well-defined so looks like the biggest section of the body.With slender legs and straight buttocks those legs are the best asset to flaunt.Men like legs no need to keep them covered.Lets take a look at a few styles that can be worn casually with jeans.

      A good start is the square-neck, V-neck, and U-neck tops all pull attention towards the chest .Accessorize with necklaces & earrings. well cut jackets help to slim down you're mid-section.Cargo-pants,Jeggings and fitted-jeans all look good together. Top it of with some high-heels & you're ready to have a good time.

 Link to European Plus-Size & Curvy size chart



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