High-Waisted Camo Gym Leggings


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Why buy the High-Waisted Camo Gym Leggings ?

Fashion is forever changing for its plus-size and general styles for fitness. Why don’t you blend in with our High-Waisted Camo Gym Leggings, The one chance to gain huge value to be on top off the fashion scene today with benifits to help make your life a lot more practical whilst being worn. What is the difference? Would a ordinary pair of leggings work in the same way?. Reduced muscle fatigue as you are doing a workout that helps reduce muscle soreness due to the way that the leggings fit. Strain prevention and better muscle oxygenation. Only happens when wearing the High-Waisted Camo Gym Leggings.


How to wear the High-Waisted Camo Gym Leggings if you are Plus-Size? 

Be the fashion icon for your own body type. No matter what your body shape maybe. A few key examples to recognise what your body shape is written on a  mans perspective on plus-size & curvy

Rectangle, Pear or Apple shaped will be a quality match combining well with the recommended  Black Long Sleeved Tee or one of your favourites from your wardrobe. Gaining more compression to your curves for an hour glass cropped figure. Exercising the muscles with leggings for a further flattering figure-enhancing effect.

What sizes are available in High-Waisted Camo Gym Leggings? 

XL: Waist 82cm, Hip 115cm, Length 103cm,
2XL: Waist 87cm, Hip 120cm, Length 104cm,
3XL: Waist 92cm, Hip 125cm, Length 105cm,
4XL:  Waist 97cm, Hip 130cm, Length 106cm, 
5XL: Waist 102cm, Hip 135cm, Length 107cm